the petal ‘S’

10 July 2011 by Diana

congrats Anissa & Blessen

close to home

4 May 2011 by Diana

Anthropologie’s most recent online catalog caught me by surprise. They have shots all over India, but these particular scenes are from Kerala. The coconut trees, the mossy cement walls, the banks along the river, the people, all feel strangely familiar and reminiscent of summer vacations spent there. America and India standing side-by-side is a theme that has threaded itself into my entire life making this a surreal visual experience.

flooded river at dawn with mauve twins

20 March 2011 by Diana

Landscape paintings can be so cliché and hard to appreciate. However, Stephen Hannock’s paintings caught my eye while dining at Gramercy Tavern. I just enjoy the softness and the simplicity of his work. His color blending is genius and his landscapes so dreamy.

flowers + food

17 March 2011 by Diana

A friend of mine sent me a menu she designed in Word with clip art she found on the web. I tried to convince her that art downloaded from the web would not print well. She was nervous about any changes since her wedding date was only a few weeks away. Instead, I thought I would show her. I scanned her invitation and used the artwork (flower) to redesign her menu in my favorite program ever: Illustrator. I would shoot myself if I had to design in Word. Ok maybe not shoot myself, but I would cry a lot.


9 March 2011 by Diana

Sometimes I feel like this is the only way to keep my plants alive… draw them.


14 February 2011 by Diana


Jonny & Johnny

5 February 2011 by Diana

Friday night dinner (artichoke asparagus soup) by Jon and a movie about Johnny Cash (Walk the Line).


16 January 2011 by Diana

I started this scarf almost a year ago for jonny and felt like I couldn’t start another project until I finished it! So here you go 2011. It’s finished.

love at the laundromat

9 January 2011 by Diana

Between playing patty cake and snuggling by the dryers, these two made laundry time look like the perfect date. They made me smile.

dressing down the dresser

3 January 2011 by Diana

This dresser is another garbage find from about 15 years ago. My sister helped me salvage this piece from the neighbor’s trash. It was in rougher condition than this ‘Before’ picture because it had large stickers on the drawer fronts, and was painted in coral and beige. I haven’t done any justice to it over the years with all the colors I’ve experimented on it, which, in horror, I relived while stripping it down to its bare bones.  A simple stain and some Ikea hardware has finally restored this piece to something we can actually have in our bedroom. Yes, with age comes wisdom and hopefully better taste. Photos by Jon Freeland.